SEO Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process where the visibility or ranking of a website is improved within results for search engine queries. The lessons here provide ideas where web authors can improve their site's search results.

There is an introduction and five lessons. You may view them as a linked presentation or individually.

Basic SEO - Five Tips to Improve Your Site's Ranking

Introduction - An introduction to the importance of search engine optimization, search crawlers and the importance of the robots.txt file

Title Tags - Using title tags in head section of html documents to improve ranking and use of heading tags in body section
Descriptions - Best uses of the description meta tag and adding keywords to meta tags
URL's - Improving the structure and syntax of a site and its url's to improve searchability
Anchor Text - The importance of crafting good anchor link text and avoidance of links like 'click here'
Images - Using alt tags and other strategies to highlight images for search crawlers

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